About NorEats

What can I say? The list of places to try in Norwich got too long – it spiralled out beyond just the old favourites, and the cafes and restaurants that have popped up over the last few years. Since I last lived here properly, eight years ago, this fine city has gone through a massive amount of change, having gained a plethora of coffee shops, posher restaurants, and, praise be to the food gods, ice cream shops. Norwich has so much to offer, a map you can filter by style was the only way forward. And so followed NorEats.

With the big map, featuring – count ’em – nine layers, and entries organised by style, NorEats will be a directory of all things Norwich & food. There’s also a pretty sizeable coffee section, alongside independent shops and local producers. That last one may just be an excuse to try the excellent gins coming out of Norfolk these days.

  • Afternoon tea & sweet treats
  • Casual eats
  • Coffee
  • Feelin’ fancy
  • Pubs & bars
  • Shops
  • Sunday lunch
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Wheelchair friendly

Found something excellent?

We’re adding places to the website and to the map as we go along, so if you know somewhere great we’ve not included we’d love to hear about it! Contact NorEats here or use #NorEats on Instagram.


Hello! NorEats is put together (and painstakingly researched – you’re welcome, it’s a cross I’m willing to bear) by me, Hannah Frost. I also write The Dinner Bell, a blog that focuses on seasonal eating.

Comments & corrections

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(We’d especially love to know if you’re wheelchair friendly and not currently listed as such so we can expand that info on NorEats!)