North, Fye Bridge St

Vegetarian mezze at North, Fye Bridge St // NorEats

North, the sister cafe to Bedford St’s Frank’s Bar, has retained all of the charm of that smaller venue and sits perched next to one of Norwich’s post picturesque spots at Fye Bridge, offering a wide range of food for just about everyone.

Chickpeas at North, Fye Bridge St // NorEatsJust like Frank’s, North has a range of options for customising your meal to make it dairy free, gluten free or vegan/veggie, with highlights including the enormous vegetarian platter (pictured above).

Whether you find a bright spot inside, snuggle into a more cosy corner, or go for full sun in the courtyard, there’s plenty of space in North, which also plays host to indie markets and workshops throughout the year.

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Seasonal Eating in June

British tomato season is upon us! They’ve come a long way since first being cultivated in South America in around 700AD – literally, as tomato seeds spent six years in a satellite orbiting Earth. In addition to being the base of loads of sauces, they’re full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, which almost certainly means pizza is a health food. At the very least, we can feel virtuous with dishes like basil tagliatelle with fiery cherry tomatoes or avocado, tomato, and goat’s cheese toast. For a more robust meal, look towards baked cod bruschetta with hot tomato & aubergine salsa, or if breakfast’s your thing, a Mexican hash brown stack. Read More

Seasonal Eating in May

May In Season, NorEats

This month the focus is on radishes, a woefully under-appreciated gem. Best while small, from planting to picking they take about a month, which means they’re a great crop for supremely impatient people. They’re even low-waste, as their tops can be used too, by sautéing or blitzing into pesto. Most importantly, though, is their flavour – although peppery while crisply raw, when roasted their heat mellows, and they’re glorious on their own with just butter and a little salt. Intrigued? Maybe try them with dairy, in a smørbrød with goat’s cheese, radish and rosehips, or with burrata. The humble radish can also jazz up other veg of the season, such as in this roasted radish and asparagus tart, and even take a role in dessert, like this cinnamon ice cream with maple roasted radishes. Read More

East Twenty Six, Exchange St

East Twenty Six, Norwich

It’s almost easy to miss East Twenty Six, which is set back slightly from Exchange Street – or it would be, if not for its striking architecture and huge windows that flood the bar and restaurant with light.

Although it’s the sister restaurant to The Iron House, the food is completely different, with an ever-changing menu of Mediterranean-influenced tapas dishes that doesn’t skimp on veggie options. They come in portion sizes that are slightly bigger than you might expect in tapas, which we learnt only after ordering an intimidating quantity of food. We valiantly battled through, though. All in the name of research, of course.

If that wasn’t enough, the restaurant also has a 2 for £12 offer at lunchtimes and cocktail happy hour after work.

To nab one of those light-filled tables looking out over Exchange Street and toward the castle, booking in advance is advised.
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Moorish, Lower Goat Lane

Squash & quinoa burger at Moorish // NorEats

There’s a little-known secret you can find tucked into the Norwich lanes – it comes in a sesame bun and with a side of crunchy-fluffy chips. It’s the Moorish vegan burger.

We say the vegan burger, but there’s actually six varieties in total, in addition to Moorish’s falafel- and mezze-based options. Despite being vegan-friendly, the burgers are substantial (and big!) enough to please meat-eaters too and are perfect for a take-away lunch in the sun – and all those vegetables basically make it a health food, right?!

From the main menu, there’s filled pittas, salads, and sharing platters to please everyone. For a sweet end to the meal, there’s a range of vegan-friendly desserts and, of course, traditional baklava.

Riding on the wave of awareness of the damage caused by plastics and disposable cups, Moorish also offers rewards for bringing your own vessel, including a 20p discount on all drinks if you take your own cup and a free extra filling for using your own salad box. They’re also taking part in the Refill Norwich scheme.

Feeling lazy? You can even find Moorish on Deliveroo.
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